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Kundalini Chronicles – The Veil

In this episode, Scott talks about our tendency to put a veil in front of our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. And that veil is the veil of doubt, insecurity, and feelings of being unworthy that exist in our minds. He shares some strategies to help you pull that veil to the side, thus making it possible to achieve your dreams of self-discovery, self-love, feelings of worth, and those intrinsic components of who we are.

Kundalini Chronicles – Mundane

In this episode, Scott shares the more profound meaning of awakening, which is based on his Kundalini awakening experience. It’s more than euphoria, sparklers, fireworks, beams of bright light, and bliss all the time. But the actual magic of awakening happens in the calm of the mundane experiences of life. He provides pieces of advice on self-reflection that create opportunities for you to be closer to the universal spirit.

Kundalini Chronicles – Awaken the Gods of Light

In this episode, Scott explores the balance between darkness and light – and the importance of finding ways to bring more light into your life. He shares some techniques to help you bring more light to your life, especially when darkness seems to overshadow light.

Kundalini Chronicles – Speed

In this episode, Scott talks about the concept of speed. We usually perceive speed as a strength in our lives, but sometimes, we are unaware that going fast has its casualties. Relationships, intimacy, and self-awareness are often victims of our incessant desire to go fast and achieve our next goal. Scott shares some tips from his Kundalini awakening experience, and that is the power of going slow to go fast.

Kundalini Chronicles – Signposts

In this episode, Scott delves into the mystery of signposts in our lives. Those people who irrespective of their role in our lives, act as signposts that can lead us to be able to connect with the universe. He was surprised to find that he has tens, hundreds, thousands of signposts ready and willing to guide him to the universe within.