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Kundalini Chronicles – The Wall and the Weed

In this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, Scott explores the walls we set up to keep others out, or to keep ourselves in, and how we work through them. This episode was inspired by an impactful dialogue with four gentleman currently on death row in Central Prison, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kundalini Chronicles – Vibration

In this episode, Scott discusses how vibration is a gateway to the universe. Sharing his experience with a kundalini awakening, and what at first was a somewhat scary occurrence of viewing everything in front of him as vibrating, losing shape and form, became a comfortable recognition that vibration is in all of us, and is in fact, a celebration of the universe.

Kundalini Chronicles – The Veil

My feet are firmly planted inside my body, and my health is deep in meditation. I look down. I know my feet are on solid ground, but I can’t see my feet. Look in front of me, and there is this veil, billowing, just out of reach. And I know that what lies beyond the…

Kundalini Chronicles – Mundane

Awakening is all about sparklers, fireworks, beams of bright light and fantastic experiences, right? Well, yes, but actually, the real fireworks happen just under the mundane experience of everyday life. Say what? Yep. The actual magic of an awakening happens in the calm of the mundane experiences of life. Don’t miss this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, where Scott Bryant-Comstock shares his own kundalini awakening experience and provides a few tips that you can apply to your own self-improvement journey.

Kundalini Chronicles – Awaken the Gods of Light

There is much darkness in this world, but there is also much light. In this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, Scott explores the balance between darkness and light – and the importance of finding ways to bring more light into our life!