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Reflections on the Joker’s Popularity and What America Can Learn From Gotham City’s Mental Health System: An Interview With Micah Howe

Enjoy this fascinating discussion with Micah Howe, a dedicated mental health advocate from rural Iowa. Micah candidly shares his personal journey through the mental health treatment and support, and his evolution as an advocate. Micah was scheduled to speak at the 33rd Annual Research and Policy Conference, scheduled for March, 2020. COVID-19 put a halt to the conference, but I knew I wanted to have the opportunity to speak with him.

The title of his presentation and description read as follows:

The Iconic Clown: Reflections on the Joker’s Popularity as the Personification of Mental Illness and What America Can Learn From Gotham City’s Mental Health System

The Joker has become a hot-button character in the last few years as it relates to mental illness and mass violence. But why? What is it about this villain that has garnered so much attention, and what might the Batman series teach us about psychosocial and political solutions to problems of behavioral health in society?

With a title and description like that, I knew I needed to speak to him!

Enjoy the interview. Micah provides a number of great tips for those with mental illness, their families and loved ones. Micah is an advocates advocate, and a rising voice for those with lived experience.

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