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Kundalini Chronicles – Signposts

In this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, Scott delves into the mystery of signposts in our lives. Those people, who irrespective of their role in our lives, act as signposts that can lead us to be able to connect to the universe.

As always, a spontaneous poem written by Scott guides the topic of the episode. With this episode, mid-way through the process of channeling the writing of the poem, Scott was surprised to find that he has tens, hundreds, thousands of signposts ready and willing to guide him to the universe within.

The kundalini awakening is such a vibrant and forever giving experience. Listen to this episode to discover for yourself!

Kundalini Chronicles – Folds and Creases

In this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, Scott shares the moment he stood at the doorway to the universe during his Kundalini Awakening. Only one problem – the more he tried to get in the harder it was to move. He could not get in – until he completely let go. And then he realized, he was already in!

Kundalini Chronicles – I Quit

In this episode of the Kundalini Chronicles, Scott explores the concept of quitting. Ouch. What a tough concept that impacts us all.

But what if the concept of quitting did not exist? Scott shows how, through his kundalini awakening, he was able to develop appreciation for letting go of “quitting” as a concept and just focusing on things that inspire him and being one with the universe.

I am at one with the universe

I am at peace

There is no quit

Only is

Kundalini Chronicles – Honor

Welcome to another episode of the Optimistic Advocate, today focusing on the Kundalini Chronicles, and the topics that materialize from my spontaneous writing of poetry every morning – All the gift of my Kundalini Awakening last year. Wow, that’s alot to incorporate, but you can do it!

Today, the focus is on honor – how you honor others and how you honor yourself. Enjoy the episode, and feel free to leave a comment by recording a voice message on your phone and sending it to

Kundalini Chronicles – Clarity in Dreams

The topic for today’s episode is clarity. When dreaming, it’s easy to be clear. But during our waking state, clarity can get clouded with all sorts of distractions. How do we achieve the level of clarity we have in dreams to our waking conscious state? In this episode, I explore my own challenges with this and give a few things to think about as you ponder the role clarity plays in your life.

As always, if you want to leave a comment, send an audio file to