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Kundalini Chronicles – Expectations

Hello! Scott Bryant-Comstock, here. And welcome to episode 14 of the Optimistic Advocate for Friday, November 27, the day after Thanksgiving. 

I hope you all had a good day yesterday. Our holiday was interesting, to say the least, with a little bit of distancing, actually a lot of distancing, and food drop offs. But you know, at the end of the day, it was, it was a good day. 

My honest expectation for the day was that it would not live up to past celebrations. The day turned out to be pretty darned good. I was able to have two of my three kids physically with us, which was pretty amazing. I think part of what made the day work was that we all recalibrated our expectations for what the day would be. No, it wasn’t 15 people sitting around a table in close quarters and having a great conversation over a meal. It wasn’t that at all, but it was still good because everybody in our family is thinking, alright, this is what it is. Let’s figure out how to make it work. 

In this episode, the topic is expectations, and you know, I can only speak for myself. But as someone who has been in the helping business my entire adult life, the expectations I set for myself are huge and often get in the way of me being productive and doing the right thing. 

In this 9- minute episode, we explore expectations, I share a poem on expectations that will hopefully get you thinking, and as always, I give you a homework assignment. Enjoy the episode!

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