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Kundalini Chronicles – Is It You or Is It Me?

In this episode, Scott explores the question of when something profound happens in your life, who gets the credit? Is it you? Or is it someone else? Scott shares part of his own Kundalini Awakening where he was faced with answering this question.

Kundalini Chronicles – When the Impossible Becomes Possible

In this episode of the Optimistic Advocate – Kundalini Chronicles, Scott Bryant-Comstock explores when the impossible becomes possible. Scott shares one of his kundalini awakening moments when his lower spine and pelvis shifted, unleashing a torrent of light and energy, opening a portal to the universe that resides in all of us!

Kundalini Chronicles – Ah, the Wonder of it All

In this episode of the Optimistic Advocate, Scott Bryant-Comstock continues discussing his Kundalini Awakening, talking about “Wonder,” and the importance of incorporating more wonder into our lives. Here is the exciting thing – wonder is a pure expression of the universe. Just think if we made part of our daily routine finding “wonder” in our…

Kundalini Chronicles – Communicating in Stereo

Hey, how are you? On this episode of the Optimistic Advocate, we continue with the Kundalini Chronicles – this time focusing on communication. Spend some time with Scott Bryant-Comstock as he shares how his Kundalini awakening has transformed his communication skills.

Kundalini Chronicles – Expectations

Hello! Scott Bryant-Comstock, here. And welcome to episode 14 of the Optimistic Advocate for Friday, November 27, the day after Thanksgiving.  I hope you all had a good day yesterday. Our holiday was interesting, to say the least, with a little bit of distancing, actually a lot of distancing, and food drop offs. But you…